What to Expect

The Group: Polyglot Programmers of Austin is a new programming language study group, open to all who are interested in learning a new language (or their first language). No lectures or prepared course materials; no restrictions on what programming language you’re learning. This is set-aside time for self-paced study, with company.

Member Presentation: At 7:30, we’ll break for a 20-minute presentation from a member of the group. (Volunteer in advance.) The best way to master a new skill is to explain it to others, and although it might be awhile before you’re ready to present to the large user groups in town, you’re welcome to practice with us.

What to Bring: Your laptop. Your coding projects and study materials. A snack if you wish.

Try it out: Meeting on 2/27

Hi there, you curious lurkers. Has Polyglot Programmers been on your “Oh, yeah, gotta check that out sometime” list? (Doesn’t everyone have one of these?) Let me tell you what our gatherings are like. We sit in the round, writing code, bantering, helping each other out, as each of us advances his or her personal project of learning more about programming. Often there’s music, and you’re welcome to plug your music-playing device into the speakers if you’d like to DJ the evening.

Some of us are exploring the arcane internals of our language of choice; some of us are gaining a new perspective on problem-solving by learning a new programming language; and some of us are taking our first steps into software development, where everything’s new. When one of us gets stumped, usually another member can shed some light. It’s a communal and supportive learning environment. And you are very welcome to join us.

C’mon by this Thursday, 6pm, at the Headspring office.