What to Expect

The Group: Polyglot Programmers of Austin is a new programming language study group, open to all who are interested in learning a new language (or their first language). No lectures or prepared course materials; no restrictions on what programming language you’re learning. This is set-aside time for self-paced study, with company.

Member Presentation: At 7:30, we’ll break for a 20-minute presentation from a member of the group. (Volunteer in advance.) The best way to master a new skill is to explain it to others, and although it might be awhile before you’re ready to present to the large user groups in town, you’re welcome to practice with us.

What to Bring: Your laptop. Your coding projects and study materials. A snack if you wish.

Meeting this Thursday; retiring Polyglot Programmers after May

We will hold our May meetings, one this Thursday and one on May 22, and then I will draw the curtain on our study group. You can stay subscribed to the PolyglotATX mailing list, and I’ll use it to announce any ad hoc meet-ups we organize.

This group has been a delightful success, something I’m very proud to have started. We’ve been meeting twice a month for over two years. I’m so impressed with the growth and accomplishments our members have shown, seeing first-time presenters become conference speakers, seeing first-time coders develop professional websites, seeing interesting, weird, and esoteric pursuits that will define the future of computing.

Hanging out with people who love to learn and try difficult things is a constant inspiration. Thank you for being part of the adventure.

Riding into the sunset,